Benchmade Mini Dejavoo

S30V, G10, Lanyard Hole, Titanium locking liner, All screw construction, US made and $100!!!

I would like to see Spyderco do this without supporting overseas jobs.

Surefire 6P w/Upgrades

- Surefire 6P Xenon

- Lighthound Tactical Bezel

- 170 Lumen "Premium Plus" BOGUSA LED Drop-In

Total paid…..$113.

The Surefire 6P is no slouch in fit and finish. Same top notch quality as the C2.

Here you can see the deeper reflector design of the Bug Out Drop-In.

Very nice Light Hound aluminum head with stainless tactical bezel.

Al Mar S.L.B.

Awesome little knife!!! It's also my new money clip. Absolutely perfect in both form and function. Tip Down Carry. Made in Japan. Very high quality all around. A+ in sharpness right out of the box.

Picked it up from Bug Out Gear USA at the Durham, CT 2008 Gun Swap. Thank You BOGUSA.

This micarta handled knife is a definite alternative to the current almite coated Spyderco Co-pilot.

Solid locking. Easy, smooth and quick "action". Thumb stud well knurled for something so small. No "play" what-so-ever. Well designed and placed grooved finger choils.

My Swiss Made 8" Brown & Sharpe Dial Caliper reads:

2.88" Closed
4.71" Open
1.80" Blade
1.60" Approx. cutting Edge
0.39" x 1.08" Handle (Thickness x Height)
0.56" Total Thickness (Handle with clip)
2.10" Clip Length

Sunny morning, antique workbench, Nikon D50, Bogen tripod and fluid head. Aperture priority at ISO 200.

Al Mar SLB next to the Spyderco UKPK.