Surefire E2D Xenon Light

For the last couple of years I have “seen the light” of LED’s in general go from blue tint novelty items to actual bright “in your face” white lights. Still for the sake of our military and some specialty law enforcement there are xenon lights like the Surefire E2D.

The E series xenon Surefires are still very popular incandescent lights not only from what I have personally seen at both Cabela’s and L.L. Bean flying off the shelves but for the use of IR in the field which, an LED is not adapt.

Out of the box the Surefire E2D has a bright white xenon light which, is the whitest light
out of all my 6V lithium powered lights. Not only that, it has the longest run time vs. lumens of any of the other 6V xenon Surefires that I own. This includes the few Lumens Factory P60 (6V) drop-ins that I have which are not that impressive at all but the LF E2A is the only aftermarket bulb that I have seen that actually makes a noticeable improvement in a 6V lithium powered Surefire.

The E2D has 70 minutes of run time, outstanding bright white light and probably the best throw for 1” dia. incan. Also, the E2D has more throw than some LED counterparts out there that cost the same or more than the E2D.

It’s hard to tell anyone that a flashlight is worth $100 but this one is worth the money on top of a lifetime warranty.

Spyderco T-Mag

One of the best to come out of the Colorado company. Unfortunately one of the last US made Spyderco's we will see in the near future with this quality of blade along with carbon fiber trimmings. All carbon fiber knives from Spyderco now come out of Japan or Taiwan.

I like my bike frames hand built with specialty drawn aluminum tubes all done in Italy.

I like my cigars that use wrapper leaves grown on a certain family farm in Honduras.

And, when buying a knife from an American company in the price range of the T-Mag I prefer that the knife be made in America. Fortunately for me I am able to own this American made T-Mag. Unfortunately probably the last of this kind of American made knife from Spyderco.