Aurora Optima

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I sat on my wallet for the longest time when it came to buying this pen. So, when I turned forty this year I decided to splurge on myself. I also couldn’t wait any longer as the prices on these pens have been creeping up and up. With the weak American dollar and the price of gold going up it was time to buy seeing that the prices on these very popular Aurora pens are not going to go down anytime soon.

The Aurora Optima needs no introduction on this forum. It is a very beautiful pen and it’s definitely going to be a pen in the Aurora line, along with the 88, as a staple in the company’s product offerings.

The beauty of this pen is not only the aesthetics but the function of it’s size. When posted, it is a pen that is comfortable, well balanced and light. Even writing with it un-posted the pen doesn’t “feel” small since it maintains the thickness of a larger pen.
The extra fine nib on my Optima has a similar but ever so slightly thinner down stroke compared to my Aurora 88 fine nib with a definite difference in line width on the side strokes. There is however a more noticeable difference between the Fine and Extra Fine using Aurora inks.

The newer Slovina made Sheaffer Skip blue and blue/black inks are not only well matched with the Aurora piston fillers, it made me say good-by to my Waterman inks!! Aurora blue is still tops and not as “watery” on some papers like, high quality bonds, when compared to the Skrip inks. If you own an Aurora, Sheaffer Skrip should be at the top of your must try list.

The best way to describe the Aurora EF line width, is that dependent on the ink you use it pretty much falls in between the Aurora fine and Namiki VP Fine.

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